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What is the use of vegetable cutter?
What is the use of vegetable cutter?

The vegetable cutter machine is perfect for processing the vegetable and fruits like tomato, carrot, onion, cabbage, potato, etc. into different shapes by the different blades.

The multifunction vegetable cutting machine is designed for commercial use, can slice, shred, grate, chop, and dice various foodstuffs(for the preparation of raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, and cheeses), it is widely used in hotels, catering, restaurant,s etc foodservice establishments.

General Feature:

  • The ventilated motor: powerful, low-noise, allows continuous use
  • The veg cutting machine is built with the food-grade best quality materials to meet the hygiene standard.
  • Controls with low-voltage switch
  • Aluminum hopper and body, durable and easy to clean
  • Slicer disc, shredder disc, grater disk, julienne disk, French fries disc, dicing disc are optional for high-quality cutting
  • Obtained with CE, LFGB, RoHS, etc certification
  • Easy to operate the electric vegetable cutter to process the vegetable and fruits

Wide option of cutting

The commercial vegetable cutter machine can be fitted with a variety of discs of high cutting quality. The veg cutter can cut the vegetable and fruits into slices, shreds, dices, cubes, etc equally and effectively. Onion slices, potato chips, cabbage shreds, carrot cubes, etc all can be cut perfectly.

Optional Vegetable cutter machine disk

1.Slicer disc:1mm,2mm,4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,14mm slice

2.Grater/Shredder disc:2mm,3mm,4.5mm,7mm,10mm shreds

  1. Fine grater disk

4.Julienne disc;3x3mm,4x4mm

5.French fries disc 8x8mm,10x10mm

  1. Dicing disc 8x8x8mm,10x10x10mm,14x14x14mm,20x20x14mm

Use of the vegetable cutter discs

Before starting work, always check the cleanliness of the cutting chamber, the drive spindle, the ejector, the cutting disc and the grid.

1. For slicing, shredding, and grating

  • Fit the ejector onto the flat of the driver spindle
  • Fit the requested discs(slicer, shredder, or grater )
  • Turn the disc in a clockwise direction to insert the bayonet fitting then continue in the same direction until it reaches the pin.
  • To remove the disc, turn it in the opposite direction and lift it using the finger holes at the edges of the disc
  • Close the cover and lock it


  1. For cutting into chips or cubes
  • Fit the ejector
  • Fit the grid into its housing and check that it is seated correctly(the seating area is clean). The upper face of the grid must be slightly below the top of the vegetable chopper machine body.
  • The fit the chosen disc and close the lid.


Cleaning operation

It is important to clean the machine after use to keep it safe, sanitary, and long lifetime.

  • Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operations, check to make sure that the main switch is off and the supply plug is disconnected from the power.
  • Accurately clean the vegetable chopper machine and the discs every day for the correct operation and life of the equipment.
  • The discs, the grid for the cutting discs, and the plastic ejector can be removed from the multifunction vegetable cutter equipment for washing under a warm water jet.
  • Clean the machine and above all where the rest of the disc, with a cloth or a sponge wet with warm water, accurately remove all wastes to prevent the discs from changing their position.
  • Open the cover and loosen the pin, and then remove the cover and wash it under a water jet.
  • Clean the surfaces with water and soap, alcohol, detergents without abrasives or substances based on chlorine or soda(chlorine water, muriatic acid )
  • Never use abrasives steel, wool, or similar products as they may bring damages to the paint, the coat, or the machine body.
  • For cleaning, use non-toxic products and ones that guarantee the best hygiene.

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