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What is a commercial Meat Slicer ?
What is a commercial Meat Slicer ?

Chefs in commercial kitchens have to deal with a lot of hard work every day. Usually, a professional kitchen can provide up to hundreds of food in each service. A commercial meat slicer can be used to slice frozen, ham, bacon, cheese, bread, etc. Due to their excellent performance in the kitchen, chefs have integrated manual food meat slicers into their daily life. Meat slicer has a variety of uses. It is a unique commercial tool for commercial use.

How to use an electric meat cutter machine?

  1. Position the appliance so that the on /off switch is facing the user.
  2. Insert the plug into the wall socket.
  3. Turn the dial knob with the graduated scale to the desired slice thickness.
  4. Switch on the appliance by pressing the “GREEN(-) button of the ON/OFF switch.
  5. Put the meat on the carriage and adjust the meat press to hold the meat firmly in place . Make sure the meat is positioned against the stop plate.
  6. Once the meat has been sliced , switch OFF the appliance by pressing the “RED (O)” button of the ON/OFF switch.
  7. Turn the thickness dial knob back to “0”after using , and unplug the appliance.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Attention: Always unplug the appliance from the electrical power outlet and let it cool down completely before cleaning and storage and set the slice thickness knob to “0”position .
  2. Clean the appliance after each use.
  3. Warning: Never submerge the appliance in water or other liquids .
  4. Use a damp cloth to clean surfaces (solution of water and a mild cleaning agent).
  5. Never use corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents .Do not use sharp or pointed objects for cleaning .Do not use benzene or solvents ! Clean with a damp cloth .Use washing-up liquid if needed,but never abrasive cleaning agents.
  6. Hand with great care .
  7. If the food carriage stops sliding smoothly,lay the machine on its side .Clean the slide bar carefully and Lubricate it will vaseline .

How to sharpening ?

Reminding: Sharpen the blade when it becomes blunt. The blade is extremely resistant to wear. If used regularly and properly, it should only need to be sharpened once a year.


1.Disconnect the plug from the wall socket.

2.Turn the thickness dial knob to “0”.

3.Clean the blade.

4.Unscrew the sharpener’s locking knob.

5.Lift the sharpener from the locking device and turn it 180°.

6.Both sides of the blade should have 1 sharpening stone.

7.Lower the sharpener until.

8.Fix the sharpener in place by tightening the locking knob.

9.Switch on the appliance. The blade will start to run.

10.Use the button to press the tilted sharpening stone against the blade and keep it there for 2 minutes. The sharpening stone should run along with the blade.

11.Use the button to press the vertical sharpening stone briefly against the blade to remove burrs. The sharpening stone should run along with the blade.

12.Switch off the appliance and pull the plug from the wall socket.

13.Unscrew the sharpener’s locking knob and clean the sharpening stones with alcohol.

14.Replace the sharpener in its original position on the appliance and tighten the locking knob to fix it in place. The blade must not extend between the sharpening stones.

15.Immerse in warm, mild soapy water for several minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

16.Insert the plug in the wall socket. Handle with great care.

17.The appliance is ready for use.


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