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Get The Best Vegetable Slicing Tool and save time in the kitchen. This handy kitchen tool can quickly make it easy to slicing your vegetables and julienning them like a professional chef. Vegetable slicers are used to slice vegetables (usually fruit and vegetable) in many different ways. The model will allow you to make thin or thick julienne cuts, perfect slices, waffle cut, and even perfect waffle cuts. It is a good idea not to cut too close to the blades. Some History Both have a smooth flat surface, safety guards, and razor sharp blades that produce evenly matched slices. V-blades provide a wider cutting surface than straight blades, and are slightly more safe to use. Straight blades are the traditional, with a single slicer blade. They also have interchangeable blades that can be used to create different types and styles of cutting. The choice of whether you prefer V or not is yours. V-blades can be marginally more secure than straight blades, but they offer more creative cuts. Stainless Steel or Polymer? Stainless steel models have a greater durability and strength, but you will need to wash it and dry it by hand before storing. Plastic models are easier and less messy to clean. However, they are heavier and can easily discolour vegetables such as carrots and beets.
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