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Sous-vide cookers will prepare your food perfectly -- but here's why I don't want one.Sous vide means "under vacuum" in French, and the term refers to the process of cooking food in a temperature-controlled water bath. Vegetables, eggs, and meat are kept in an airtight bag. The vacuum bag is then heated in the water to ensure that they cook for longer periods of time. Sous-vide cooking used to be something only restaurants could offer. But, thanks to new innovations, there are many precision cookers available today. The device circulates the water and keeps the heat constant. Sous-vide cooking is different from a stovetop or grill where hot spots can cause food to brown unevenly. You don't have to watch your steak cook. Instead, you can let it simmer in water for about an hour and still get the right doneness. To allow your precision cooker to cook dinner while you are at work, first make sure the food is in an ice bath. It's not easy. A sous-vide is more complicated than a crockpot, which requires you to simply add ingredients and determine how long they should cook. With a sous vide, you will need to set up an ice bath. Then, keep an eye on your app to ensure that your food begins cooking at the correct time. It is exhausting to think about how much time I spend putting my food in an ice tub before going to work, and then having my sous-vide cook remotely so my dinner is ready when my husband gets home. Even if you get home, it might be necessary to cook the food using regular pots and pans in order to achieve the right texture and flavor. For example, sous-vide steaks will need to be grilled.
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