Optional Blades For Vegetable Cutter Machine

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Save time in the kitchen by using The Best Vegetable Slicer. You'll soon be slicing and julienning vegetables like a professional chef with this handy kitchen tool. Vegetable slicers can be used to cut vegetables (usually fruits and veg), in a variety ways, depending on the model. You can make perfect slices, waffle cuts and thick and thin, julienne cuts. These knives are very sharp so it is important to use the safety guards and to be careful when cutting. A History. They have a flat, smooth surface and have a safety guard. V-shaped blades are razor sharp, so you can get perfectly matched slices, even for delicate foods. V-blades have a larger cutting surface and are safer than straight blades. Straight blades, which have a single blade across a slicer, are the best. They can also offer multiple blades to make different types of cuts. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want to use V-blades. Straight blades are more versatile and safer than V-blades. Stainless Steel or plastic? Stainless Steel or Plastic? Plastic models are more convenient to clean, dishwasher-friendly and lighter than stainless steel models. However, they can discolour when you slice vegetables like carrots and beets.
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