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This Kebab Slicer/cutter can be used in commercial kitchens or foodservice operations that use a standard vertical broiler. It is ideal for creating delicious, well-prepared and consistent cuts of meat in just seconds. This slicer/cutter can cut up to 100+ lb. You can eat up to 100+ lb. of meat every day! This versatile slicer is essential for making gyros and shawarmas, tacos de pastor, doner kebabs, and tacos al pastor. The 80W power of the vertical broiler makes it easy and efficient to remove slices of meat from your lamb or beef cuts. The blade protector is included on the slicer for added safety. This slicer/cutter was designed with ergonomic use in view. It features a lightweight plastic body, an on/off switch at the trigger position, and an abrasion resistant surface. The item's front is adorned with a 304 stainless steel blade holder, orifice plate, and integrated locking adjustment screws. These two components let you customize your cutting experience to any thickness. The slicer/cutter can be cleaned easily and comes with an extra round blade, whetstone to sharpen, and a hex spanner to adjust the removable blade.
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