Immersion Blender (Hand Mixer)

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An immersion blender differs from regular blenders in that instead of pouring the liquid into it and turning it on the blender, the blender is placed into the container of liquid (such as a pot of soup) and then turned on. To ensure the blender is evenly blended, you would swirl it around in the liquid. FEATURED VIDEO. An immersion blender can be useful when you have lots of soup to puree or other products to work with. You will need another container to hold the soup until you are done. This means that you will need to use the first container (unblended), the second container (blended), and the blender. An immersion blender makes it easy to blend the soup in the original pot. A good immersion blender is powerful enough to process all types of food. Many home immersion blenders can be used to blend drinks and make smoothies. The more powerful models will cost more.
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