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Ice cubes can be great for keeping drinks cool in summer, but there are limitations to their use. Crushed ice machines can be a great option for those who enjoy making cold drinks in summer. There are two types of ice crushing machines: portable and electric. A portable unit has the obvious advantage of being portable. You can bring it to your campsite or boat in the summer and crush ice cubes there for refreshing drinks and slushies. A portable crushed ice machine has one drawback. After crushing ice for many people at your family reunion, or annual pool party, you will feel exhausted. If you have fewer people to serve or if there are younger people in your group who can handle the tedious task of crushing the ice manually, the portable manual crushed ice machine is the best option. However, the advantages of having crushed ice everywhere you go are amazing. These machines are easy to use and relatively inexpensive to buy. These machines can be found in areas with electricity, such as your RV or kitchen. A stand-alone crushed-ice machine is more efficient than an electric one. You can adjust the settings to make the ice pieces exactly what you want. The crushed ice machine is easy to use: You simply pour the cubes of ice into the spout, and it will produce the perfect crushed rock for your summertime sun-tea. Rubber under the feet of some models is a great feature. The ever-grinding machine can dance around on the counter, and eventually fall onto the floor or into the sink if it doesn't have rubberized feet. The non-slip function is crucial for the machine's ease-of-use and it will not disappoint. The non-slip bottom of your manual crushed ice machine will keep it in its place.
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