Electric Meat Tenderizer/Stripper

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You might indulge in expensive meats from time to time. Budget-friendly proteins are the best choice for weeknight meals. A meat tenderizer is a great addition to any kitchen toolkit. It will help you take hard, chewy meats to the next step. These useful utensils help improve the texture and taste of meats by breaking down fibers and tissues. We tested nine meat tenderizers to help you decide the best one. Each was evaluated for its overall appearance, durability, efficiency and ease of cleaning and storage. To flatten chicken breasts and tenderize skirt steaks at a low price, we tested both blade and mallet meat tenderizers. This reversible tool is versatile. It has a smooth side that flattens meat and a toothed surface for slightly piercing it. This helps with marinade absorption and tenderizing. The handle is not grippy, but it feels secure and comfortable in the hands. It measures only 6 inches in height and 3 inches in width, so it won't take up too much space inside drawers or cabinets.
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