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Commercial kitchen equipment must produce food for large numbers of customers. It must be durable, robust, and simple to use. It should use less electricity and increase the efficiency of food production. It should also serve its purpose well. Many kitchen equipment can be operated electronically. The kitchen staff can use a variety of equipment to cook, bake, and clean. Equipment for Commercial Food Production These are basic equipment for food production. Burners They can be used for boiling, steaming, and cooking. These devices are often powered by Liquid Petroleum Gas, (LPG). Induction burners and hotplates are now available that operate on electricity. You can choose from an open, mesh, or flat top. Burners Cooking Ranges The most versatile equipment that can be used on both LPG and electricity is the cooking range. It can do a variety of functions, including cooking, frying and boiling, as well as grilling and baking. There are two versions: Restaurant range – Less expensive, better for smaller quantities of food, and stands alone. Heavy duty range – Expensive. It is suitable for large quantities of food production and can be banked together with other ranges by using a battery. Cooking Ranges Multiple burners are available for cooking ranges, usually four to eight depending on the amount of food being cooked. Ovens They can be used for baking, browning, and roasting. They can be powered by either LPG or electricity. Ovens Rack oven - This oven has a series of stackable racks that are placed in an equal order, one above another, within a tall stainless steel frame. This oven can produce large quantities of breads, cookies, or croissants. Deck oven - This oven has racks or rotisseries which can be used to cook different meats like chicken, duck, and lamb. They can be used simultaneously and uniformly. You can also get them in pizza deck and baking deck versions. There are usually four decks. Tunnel oven - Available in both direct heat and indirect warmth versions. This oven is ideal for baking at high temperatures. There are many ovens on the market. They vary in terms of energy consumption, heating methods, size, and shape. Griddles These flat plates are made from iron, stainless steel or aluminium and transfer heat to the food. Griddles can lose heat if they are partially used. Griddles These are used primarily to prepare breakfast items like omelets, scrambled egg, patties and sandwiches, burgers and burgers. To prevent tempering, it is important to wipe off any residual grease. Steel griddles can caramelize if they are not maintained clean. Teflon griddles are more durable than steel. Cooking Spoons and Pans A wide variety of pots, pans, and spoons are available for cooking. Pans - The type of cooking the cook is using will determine the pan they choose. Pans are used for shallow frying, boiling, or stir-frying. Pots - These pots can be used to cook and prepare stocks. They come with lids. Pans Spoons – The spoons are used to measure the thickness and tenderness of liquids, as well as stir and turn the food in the pans and pots. There are many spoons that can be used in cooking: skimmer and turner, mashers, ladles, fork-spoons, utility spoons, and mashers. Spoons Kettles These kettles can be used to heat, cook, or store food. Two layers of pots are used to heat the water. They have agitator tilting, jackets that allow for better food handling and view. A product discharge valve allows for the efficient transfer of kettle products to a service area, without causing damage to delicate food items. Kettles Deep kettles work well for soups and gravies, sauces for spaghetti, pie fillings and desserts. The quality of these foods items is the same regardless of how much they are cooked and how often they are stirred. Deep kettles can be used to cook lentils, beans, and pasta. For cooking and warming stews and patties, or steaming vegetables, the shallow kettle is best. This kettle has a better view and allows for less food handling. Vegetable Cutters/Choppers Cutter or choppers can be used to cut, dice, shred, and slice vegetables of various sizes and shapes. These cutters can also be used to cut small pieces of bread for soups and puddings. These handheld cutters can be used to cut fruits, salads, and other items. For presentation.
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