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Electric cheese shredder, Cheese Grater

There are many options available on the market for "brie-lliant" cheeses, whether you are looking to switch from grated cheese from the grocery store to something more fresh and delicious or if you are just looking to improve your existing tool. You can also grate your own cheese. Most packaged grated or shredded cheeses come coated with cellulose to prevent clumping. Many cheese graters can be used for more than just fromage. You can use them to make latkes, hash browns, vegetables for stir-fry or salads, as well as spices and citrus. There are many ways to accomplish the same task, but there are only so many options. Based on reviews and information from the manufacturer, I selected some of the best cheese graters out there and brought them home to try. I was able to see how the graters performed with cheddar and mozzarella, how they held up to pressure and how comfortable they were to hold. It was also easy to clean and if there was any cheese left after washing.
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