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Bowl Cutter, Bowl Cutting Machine

The bowl cutter is a commonly used meat chopping machine that produces small to very small ("finely chopped") pieces of lean meat and fat. The bowl cutter consists of a horizontally rotating bowl and a set vertically curved knives that rotate horizontally on a horizontal axle at speeds up to 5,000 RPM. There are many sizes and types of bowls available, with volumes ranging between 10 to 2000 litres. For small-to-medium-sized processing, the most practical size is between 20 and 60 litres. You can adjust the speed of your bowl or knife by shifting gears on larger models. Bowl cutters come with a sturdy cover. The lid is designed to protect against accidents and improve the efficiency of the chopping process. It also routes the mixture flow. The performance of the cutter is determined by the number, shape, arrangement, speed, and efficiency of the knives. Bowl cutters must be equipped with a thermometer to display the temperature of the meat mixture during chopping. Large-scale bowl cutters can be equipped with vacuum devices that allow them to work under vacuum. This helps improve the colour and texture of the meat products and keeps oxygen out of the mixtures. It also prevents air pockets. For optimal cutting, cutter knives should be held at a distance of approximately 1-2mm from the bowl. (Check the manufacturer's recommendations for each model). Many large, high-speed bowl cutters have a mechanical discharger device to empty the cutter. A bowl cutter can be used to cut finely comminuted products like liver sausage, bologna and frankfurters. It also allows processors to offer a wider variety of products.
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