Blade Removal Kit For Immersion Blender

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Creaming butter, sugar, and eggs is the foundation of cookies and cakes. The best way to make the most fluffy, aerated pancakes is to use blending scrapers. Strong and durable: The mixing bowl scraper from Xerox is the strongest, most durable scraper/beater on the market. It will make the most smooth batters that you have ever made. Reduces time: Mixing time can be cut by up to half. Mixing blade replaces flat beater. It continuously scrapes bowl with its "Wing-Blade", patented technology that beats and folds ingredients and scrapes them from the bottom and sides of the bowl.No splashing: The mixer scraper pushes food into the bowl, not out. For smooth, non-aerated batters such as cheesecakes, mix slowly. To make fluffy batter, mix butter and sugar quickly.
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