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There are many terms in the restaurant industry that can confuse even experienced chefs. Bain Marie is one of our favourite names, and it has one of the best back-stories. Let's get down to the basics. What is a bain marie exactly? It is very similar to the double-boiler. Sometimes it is called a water bath. The water is heated in a container. A smaller container is then placed in the first and heated by the water. It is basically a heated bath that can be used to heat food or keep it warm. While its original purpose was to heat and cook food, modern bain maries can also be used to store cold foods. The hot water bath can be replaced with a cooling unit, or an icebed. Bain maries come in many sizes and shapes. Bain maries are used in many restaurants. They are usually made of stainless steel. They are easy to clean and maintain, and are a good heat conductor. You can make them from other materials, such as ceramics. However, they are difficult to clean and maintain.
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