What are the Parts of a meat grinder?
What are the Parts of a meat grinder?

Parts of a meat grinder

Whether it is electric or manual type, all meat mincer machines have these common components:

  • Feed Screw- It pushes the meat towards the cutting blade.
  • Cutting Blade- Cuts the meat before going through the grinding plate.
  • Grinding Plate- There are holes in the plate to allow the meat to pass through. The pore size decides the meat texture.
  • Ring- Keeps the grinding blade and plate in position.
  • Hopper Tray- Holds meat that’s ready to be ground.
  • Food Pusher- Pushes the meat chunks into the hopper opening.

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If you are heading to a meat grinder factory for stainless steel meat grinder, the above is what you need to know. If you have any questions, we can deal adequately and nicely with your doubts with specialized knowledge.



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