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How to process your kitchen materials quickly and efficiently?
How to process your kitchen materials quickly and efficiently?

A choice of 4 sizes of bowl cutters is a good kitchen helper.


In your kitchen, do you always have a variety of materials processed every day? Beef, pork, chickpea, chili, garlic, celery, etc. Emulsions and sauces, mince fish and meat, chop onions, herbs and spices; grind nuts, Cheese, or chocolate, knead the dough.

Especially to do grinding processing, has more headaches. And this is often the most heavily used work. Cut, chop, repeatedly chopped, uneven size, material water loss, material freshness loss and so on, perplexing every kitchen person.


Here are 4 sizes of full stainless steel bowl cutters, which will be a new choice for your kitchen.

Looks good. Let's learn more about it.

Obviously, full stainless steel body construction, beautiful, and easy to clean. Saving time is important in the kitchen. Clean, just a damp cloth and sweep.


Four sizes, 5L,8L,12L,18L, can really meet all the needs of the kitchen. Of course, there are 3 options for motor power.

The choice between a single-speed maximum of 1500rpm and a double-speed maximum of 2800rpm is not only about time and efficiency but also about different materials and treatments.

There is also a pulse function button on the operation panel, this button is to customize the operation time, hold down to cut, release to stop.

There is a cooling fan at the bottom of this food processor, and there is enough space inside the machine to prevent overheating even with a strong and high-speed motor.

Look carefully at the food chopper, there are two safety switches - magnetic switch, secure, and safety.

Let's open the lid and look at the most important parts - the knife and the bowl.

"S" shaped knife, practical and utility enough. Double "S" knife, more practical and efficient. "S" knife with high speed strong motor, can process emulsification, mixing, cutting all kinds of materials processing.

The food processor body looks like an integral whole, almost without a little gap or welding, clean and beautiful.

So far So good. Try turning it on. There are some common materials here.



Start it, low speed stable and quiet, high speed powerful, but still stable.

Look at the materials situation, just the cover is transparent, polycarbonate transparent lid, can see inside and the whole see-through

- Monitor your processing from start to finish.

- Adding liquids or ingredients during processing.

- Rubber seal ring to prevent liquid overflow.

- Quick and easy removal.

The internal blade cutting high-speed rotation, but the material does not fly away, proves that the blade is sharp and stable rotary. Open the black rubber lid, oh, this can be refueling sauce and so on, so convenient and thoughtful. And a scraper. What for? Swing and try, got it, even the materials, and scrape the material off the sides and the top of the bowl.

It can be done in 1-3 minutes, easy, simple, and fast. Pour the material out, be careful with the blade, it looks sharp. The material is chopped thoroughly and equably, the water loss is very small, the material is kept fresh and high quality, due to the sharp "S" blade and strong motor. And the process of adding juice and sauce and mixing has been done perfectly, so is it more than you expected - saving and practical. The next step of cooking can be done quickly, and the food's freshness is guaranteed.

In the previous experience, we cut 4 kinds of materials, which can also be other vegetables, meat, nuts and fruits.

Of course, the daily work in the kitchen is often processed for several materials, which is also easy to handle. The final product should be evenly processed.

All done. A few minutes to complete a day of heavy handling work, dealing with the kitchen headache of all kinds of materials, the kitchen has a good helper, easy work every day.

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