Buying Guide: Best Electric Meat Grinder
Buying Guide: Best Electric Meat Grinder

Buying Guide: Best Electric Meat Grinder

Whether it’s starting a butcher shop or delis from scratch, or just making your own freshly ground meat for your burger, it is time to invest in the best commercial meat grinder. It cannot be denied that commercial meat mincer is an incredibly useful food preparation equipment to have. And it’s a food grinder machine also ideal for grinding vegetables, nuts, peanuts, fruit and more.

If you are in the market for an electric meat mincer, you’ll see that there are plenty of products and brands for select. As a layman, when you buy with no knowledge, it is difficult to find and recognize the differences among them. You need to get rid of this blind or impulsive purchase behavior and carefully choose the best meat grinder that really works for you. Here we will share with you our buying guide stated below to help you with your decision-making process.

Definition of meat grinder

Meat grinder, as the name implies, is a tool for meat processing. At first, it is generally used in meat processing enterprises. According to different requirements, meat is processed into granular meat stuffing with different specifications and shapes. With people's pursuit of health and the growing interest in cooking, commercial meat grinder began to enter the kitchen of ordinary people and become an ordinary household kitchen appliance.

How does a meat grinder work?

Instead of chopping meat by knife, a meat grinder saving time and effort gradually becomes a great helper for deli, butcher, grocery store, kitchen, and more. If you are thinking about mincing raw or cooked meat, you may be going to be upset because you don’t know how a meat grinder works. It seems that it is a complex mincer machine from its surface, while it is designed for carrying out one simple task- grind meat. It is a quite uncomplicated meat-processing process. Now we will see how a meat grinder works.

  • Place the Meat to the Feeding Tube–When it comes to mincing meat, to make sure the mincer machine is clean. It should be noted that you do not forget to place a bowl or other container beneath the grinding tube to catch the ground meat before grinding meat. And then place meat in moderation into the feeding tube in case of blocking or overloading the meat mincer.
  • Spin the Blade–The meat is pushed forward by the feed screw and cutting blade through the cutting plate to get the desired texture of meat- fine, medium, or coarse. Whether it is granular meat stuffing or juicy minced meat, it can realize what you need. Once completely minced, the meat is pushed out of the grinder tube. It can also assemble the sausage stuffer attachment for meat grinder as a funnel to fill the sausage casings.

Meat grinder types: manual vs electric meat grinder

Two types of meat grinder are popular in the market: one is the manual meat grinder, the other is the electric meat grinder. When it comes to an age-old debate, the options are commonly manual vs electric meat grinder. No matter what type it is, there are various specifications and configurations of meat grinder available. What is the difference between them? There are too much fussing over these two types of meat grinder that you need to know about before your decision-making, so that you can purchase the best meat grinder that fits your need.

1. Manual meat mincer

Manual meat mincer is by definition the mincer machine by manual handling, which is the original meat grinder machine around for years. It needs to be clamped to the table top or countertop to grind the meat by manually cranking the handle. Due to manual operation, it is suitable for grinding meat occasionally or in a small amount, and less used in the commercial setting. Besides, hand crank meat grinder is smaller and cheaper than the electric one and takes limited place.

Pros Cons
Less expensive to buy Manual work
Small capacity Only grind in a small amount

2. Electric meat grinder

Best electric meat grinder is equipped with motor to provide power for the cutting blade, which can grind meat easier, faster and more efficiently. It comes in a variety of models and sizes, from small tabletop units to large, high-output models that are perfect for busy meat counter or other meat-processing enterprises that need grind large quantities.

It is worthy of note that when selecting models, you need to consider the output of meat grinder sausage maker to match your needs. If the grinder cannot satisfy your output requirements, such as working overload, which will have a negative impact on mincer life, as well as productivity in the long run.

Pros Cons
Efficient, quicker, easier to operate Harder to clean
Grind in a large amount Expensive

Whether it’s because you use a small, cheap device for kitchen to help you make some hamburger patties, or a powerful meat grinder that satisfy your bulk meat processing, it depends on you.

Why use a meat grinder?

There must be something attractive that can trigger your purchase. Instead of pre-ground meat in the supermarket shelves, grinding meat by yourself can bring several benefits of:

  • Cleanness: You can ensure food safety and hygiene issues to prevent buying contaminated meat or meat with additives and preservatives.
  • Economical: It will be economical and practical in the long term when you grind meat constantly or in large quantities.
  • Preciseness: Different kitchenaid mincer attachments can be choose to get your desired meat, whether it is fine, medium or coarse. The cuts and fat content can be controlled by you.
  • Improved texture: Compared to meat sitting over time on the meat stall, you can grind by yourself at any time. Fresh grinding can improve meat texture and moisture levels.


What else can you use a meat grinder for?

Meat, small & soft bones, nuts & seeds, cheese, bread, ham & bologna, fish & seafood, vegetables, pasta & noodles, cookie dough, making sausages, etc.


Meat grinder machine price, Meat mincer for sale

As a buyer, meat grinder price is also the most concerned. It goes without saying that electric meat grinder price is expensive than the manual meat mincer price. Manual meat grinder machine price ranges from just $25 to $200 or more. If you prefer to opt for the electric one, you need to invest more, around $100 – $500, or more.


Parts of a meat grinder

Whether it is electric or manual type, all meat mincer machines have these common components:

  • Feed Screw- It pushes the meat towards the cutting blade.
  • Cutting Blade- Cuts the meat before going through the grinding plate.
  • Grinding Plate- There are holes in the plate to allow the meat to pass through. The pore size decides the meat texture.
  • Ring- Keeps the grinding blade and plate in position.
  • Hopper Tray- Holds meat that’s ready to be ground.
  • Food Pusher- Pushes the meat chunks into the hopper opening.


Meat grinder tips

  • Will a stainless steel meat grinder grind bones? We say YES. But not every commercial meat mincer can be intended for grinding animal bones. Normally, small and soft bones from duck, rabbit, chicken, turkey, can be ground in most electric mincers.
  • Put the meat in the freezer until you are ready to grind.
  • It would be best to chill your meat grinder components, such as grinding plate, feed screw, blade, in the freezer before grinding in large quantities. Since grinding is a friction process and will generate heat that can easily warm up the meat and make the meat go bad, it is safety to keep meat under low temperature.
  • Cut the meat in an appropriate amount in case of blocking and damaging the mincer machine.
  • Regularly check and replace the dulled blades to the sharp ones for better cutting.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all parts thoroughly after using is a must.
  • Regularly check and maintain the parts by using the oil lubricant to prevent from getting rust.
  • Placing the cast iron or cast aluminum components in the food pan with cornstarch, which can absorb excess moisture.


Meat grinder maintenance

It’s important to get your meat mincer grinder properly cleaned and maintained. If you want your grinder to run at an optimal speed and prolong the service life, here are some tips to help you:

  • After grinding, disassemble the unit and wash every parts thoroughly in warm soapy water. Note: use damp cloth to wipe the motor housing and don’t immerse it in water.
  • Clean the utensils that have held the raw meat.
  • Apply the salad oil to the feed screw, blade and cutting plates after washing and drying to keep components lubricated.
  • Dry the grinder before you store it. It is not allowed to store the device when it is still wet.


Meat Grinder Factory

Stainless steel meat grinders of multiple specifications can be provided by Lihao. For decades, LIHAO ELECTRIC WORKS CO., LTD. has grown from a start-up company to the world’s renowned manufacturer manufacturing commercial food processing equipment such as multi-purpose Vegetable Cutter Machine, Meat Slicer, Meat Grinder, Kebab Slicer, and Immersion Blender etc., widely used in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other foodservice establishments. Lihao enlarged the product line to cooking equipment such as electric griddle, electric deep fryer in 2020, and will launch the bar equipment soon to meet different professional needs soon. Lihao’s success can be attributed to the persistence of taking quality and service as top priorities.



If you are heading to a meat grinder factory for electric meat grinder, the above is what you need to know. If you have any questions, we can deal adequately and nicely with your doubts with specialized knowledge. Here you don’t need to be entangled with where and how to find meet grinder aimlessly. Please keep this buying guide in mind and it will guide you to find the meat mincer you need.



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