Selling Worldwide

Our products were sold to distant markets like Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and some other areas.

Safety Quality Certification

We passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system, products obtained CE, REACH, RoHS, WEEE, LFGB, ETL, CCC,BSCI and other certifications.

Food Grade Material

Built with food grade material, meet the international safety and hygiene standards.

High Productivity

Our company already has several producing line, equipment with the large CNC Machine workshop, the hardware punch press workshop and the Injection Molding workshop.

Recommend Products

Welcome to Asaki Food Machine

Company Introduction

Established in 2003, with about 20 years experience in commercial food processing machine/equipments industry, Asaki becomes one of the professional manufacturers in China. When we design and manufacture the products, every detail matters.
We provide satisfactory pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service. Here we promise to our customers:

A. Provide customers with professional product consulting services for free.

B. Provide customers with product brochures, product samples, company profiles, credit certificates and other materials.

C. Invite customers to our factory to inspect product manufacturing process, product testing facilities and quality management system etc.

A. Our professional QC team inspects the incoming material, purchased components, semi-finished products and finished products with strict quality management requirement.

B. During the manufacturing process, welcome customers to our factory to inspect the manufacturing process and the finished goods.

A. Free on-site debugging service for the products sold.

B. Guide the installation of products for free.

C. Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team. After receiving any feedback from the customers, analysis and solve the issues in shortest time to satisfy the customers.


Enjoy our fast & safe delivery


Excellent Service, Good Partner


All parts we sell are certified.

Commercial immersion blender, Electric food processor, Meat grinder machine

Lihao Electric Works Co., Ltd creates the maximum commercial immersion blendervalues by manufacturing the best quality of Electric food processor in bulk. electric cheese shredderWe are the top Commercial immersion blender manufacturer in China. veg cutter machineWith quality production andasaki bowl timely delivery of orders, our company has occupied a significant food cutter machineposition in the Chinese market.

When it comes to buying the best quality Electric food processor or any other kitchen equipment, Lihao Electric Works is always the best choice!

What are we manufacturing?

Bowl cutter, Electric cheese shredder, Kebab slicer, Meat grinder machine, Meat slicer, Potato peeler machine, Sausage stuffer, Sous vide cooker, Vegetable and fruit chopper, Vegetable cutter machine, Meat tenderizer, Commercial immersion blender, Stainless, steel bain marie, Stick blender, Deep fryer for sale, Electric griddle, Double burner hot plate, Shaved ice maker and Ice crusher made in China.

All our food processing machines have won a high reputation because of their high-quality item and low energy consumption at reasonable rates. We are looking forward to bring more advance and high-tech food processing machines for a better experience for our clients.

Buy premium food processing machines!

Electric cheese shredder, Bowl cutter, Kebab slicer

Electric cheese shredder made in China is the top choice among all the customers. With less effort, you can easily shred cheese.So, get now Electric cheese shredder in bulk only from the top manufacturers.

Features of Electric cheese shredder:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Long term durable
  4. Safe to use
  5. Vegetable and fruit chopper

Make the process of chopping vegetables and fruits easy by using the Vegetable and fruit chopper. The Vegetable and fruit chopper machine is working on the principle of simultaneous motion. Therefore, in the Vegetable and fruit chopper machine, vegetables and cuter move together to chop these vegetables.

Vegetable and fruit chopper, Vegetable cutter machine, Meat tenderizer

  1. Easy operate
  2. Very robust
  3. Long term durable
  4. Stainless steel body
  5. Have Sharp blades

Buy now the Vegetable and fruit chopper in bulk!

Commercial immersion blender, Potato peeler machine, Sausage stuffer

A Commercial immersion blender is a perfect choice for the restaurant to blend in large quantities. At Lihao Electric Works, you can buy a robust and easy-to-use blender at reasonable prices.

Features of Commercial immersion blender:

  1. Long term durable
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Affordable
  4. Stainless steel bain marie

Lihao Electric Works is the leading Stainless steel bain marie manufacturers. We are offering the best quality of Stainless Steel Bain Marie to all our clients.

Stainless steel bain marie, Stick blender, Deep fryer for sale, Electric griddle

  1. It has a robust construction
  2. It is easy to install
  3. It is corrosion resistance
  4. Double burner hot plate

Are you wondering about cooking something special? We have the finest collection of Double burner hot plate for you all.

A Double burner hot plate is made using the top grade of raw materials and modern machines. We follow every guideline to manufacture all our food processing machinery. With this, Double burner hot plate is also available at reasonable rates.

Double burner hot plate, Shaved ice maker, Ice crusher, Sous vide cooker

Features of Double burner hot plate:

  1. It is easy and safe to use
  2. It is durable and robust
  3. Affordable
  4. Shaved ice maker and Ice crusher

We are among the top Shaved ice maker and Ice crusher manufacturers in China. At our company, you can easily buy the latest Shaved ice maker and Ice crusher in bulk.

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Get ready with tasty food in few minutes using the advanced vegetable cutting and food processing machine! Buy the best for your kitchen area!

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